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The Tetons and Jenny Lake

In these Valleys of the Serendipitous Tetons...

Now, after many as yet untold adventures, I'm prepared to offer some explanation of why this site even exists.
This goes back to the dark mists of the early days of the internet. In 1994, I created my first site: www.wyoming.com/~hanson. This Wayback Machine snapshot only goes back to 1998, and it is apparent that this is more in the "homepage" tradition, than a modern (i.e. commercial) website. But those days were a little more idealistic...
Since this little Brigadoon of a town is my birthplace, my view of it is going to be somewhat different than that of the real estate concerns that currently predominate its web presence. Jackson Hole, Wyoming has always had an aura of magic about it. It's not just the awe inspiring landscape - though then again, ever since Wordsworth rediscovered clouds, Nature has regained some of the almost religious power the ancients ascribed it, but the hearts of the people here, with their immense generosity of spirit, keep this writer loving this place as home, despite the terrible Winters and the ravages of Multiple Sclerosis.

I grew up hearing stories about the "Ladies who wore purple", and were here because they believed the Teton mountains held the long buried Akashic Records in their bowels. Growing up here, I soon noticed that this Valley seemed to attract a greater degree of "Novelty" than most of the places I had been exposed to or read about, and the stories presented an enhanced magic, because they were of my home. Novel spirital sports have long been a feature of American life, and, since at least the nineteenth century, natural beauty has attracted the seekers of the world. I'm still puzzled how M. Blavatsky may have heard of the Tetons, but I imagine, even in 1890 there were postcards. I used to sell enough of them, growing up in what was known as a "Rubber Tomahawk Store".!
It seems to have something to do with the number 19, but even as I was reading that part of Yeats' system, did I quite get vortices...
Anyway, I do write software - custom, if anyone wants it, or like most of what I have here, it reflects any of the multitude of my interests. I have my personal writings, both old and new; as well as studies, photography, a Tribute to my father and much more. My work with the James Joyce Concordance is persistent, and I undertake it for far more reasons than my unpaid student loans.
Please check out my oracles. If you write me, I am offering the FreeTarot perl script as a piece of "Donationware", and by the way, once you have downloaded my Eschaton Widget, come join our End of the World party. It's Only placeholder Days!
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