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Owing to the demand for the tcl I - Ching, previously offered here, and its server driven demise, we are now posting a copy of the gnu publlic liscense Javascript I - Ching, by dan enright/2thirdx-perts Copyright (C) October, 1999 Enjoy! Available Here. Please try also our own implentation of the C version of the I - Ching. Part of our "Oracle Corner", this perl script, in combination with this beautiful Deck provides another synchronicity to complement the I Ching. Of course we can configure Either application for your server.
Tarot: $150.00 installed and customized.

Did you ever need to put selection menus on your forms, and wanted the current date - & time to appear as defaults? Try this small perl script on your SSI enabled form.

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Applications for Sale!
  • TheCard
    Not to be confused with the financial tool :) - This versatile postcard program has many features and we will customize and install it for you on your website, for only $195.00! Click here for the Demo.

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