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Michael Hanson is a native of Jackson Hole. Perhaps that explains some of the naivitée in our work. The feeling of a small town is a powerful influence indeed!

Alot can be gleaned from my old site - kind of a historical marker of the early days of the rise to prominence of the WWW. The site, complete with an old bio (1995) - to be updated at a later time. The site may be viewed - out of repair as it is, at www.wyoming.com/~hanson/, and there is a personal resume here, though there might be some redundancy with this....

By the way,the name of the Frog, who is omipresent and keeps me in front of this machine even on most nice days, is Multiple Sclerosis (more info in new window...)- "So it Goes," as Kurt Vonnegut would say.

Grass of Parnassus*

Since the Teton Mountains of Jackson Hole Wyoming, have proven an inspiration to many - Painters, Writers, and sculptors; eccentrics of all sorts, the name Parnassus was chosen for this site/company, whatever, with an eye to providing the tools that some may present their ideas, their product to the world. We are an eccentric bunch, as you can see by reading some of the history of the early days - or by taking a look at the recent Demolition Derby.

All relationships are personal. We can mask this with attempts at corporate style "professionalism", but this is somewhat lacking in sincerity, and really leaves no one responsible.

Your website will be handled with the utmost care, for as reasonable a rate as we can come up with. Please let us know your web needs by filling out our information request form .



*Parnassus \Par*nas"sus\, n. [L., fr. Gr. ?.] (Anc. Geog. & Gr. Myth.) A mountain in Greece, sacred to Apollo and the Muses, and famous for a temple of Apollo and for the Castalian spring.

Parnassia \Par*nas"si*a\, n. [NL.] (Bot.) A genus of herbs growing in wet places, and having white flowers; grass of Parnassus.

Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, 1996, 1998 MICRA, Inc.


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