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Since this site

is a one man effort, and therefore in the tradition of the home page - five years for the www wow!!, I suppose I may take the liberty of allowing the personal to enter these pages. This is what is known as "authentic marketing" I guess.

  • First, I make a dedication to my father, who passed away in April 2000, Preceded by 17 years, by my younger brother
  • Then I must share some of the love of my friends, that makes it all worth while...(Vacation!)

From here we can go in two directions

  1. Information and photography of and about Jackson Hole, Wyoming and environs as well as other things I have found to be of interest
  2. Information about the Services (along with examples ) we (myself, and that frog in my pocket :-) ) can perform for you with great personal care and attention.

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Falls on the South fork pf the Snake River

The Grosventre Valley - enhanced


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