Netscape Mail Help for the lab-bound

As much of this class is limited in their network access to the campus computer labs, this page is designed to provide a time saving method for receiving the hypertextual e-mail(that is, e-mail that contains www links, or attached web pages in their entirety), that is fast becoming, the norm.

Netscape and other third generation browsers provide this capability quite handily, and for thoe unfamilliar with those features I am providing this instructional page

On the whole, all of this is more pleasing to the eye than an extended Telnet session, and as more and more URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) are embedded in e-mail and Newsgroup messages,this ends up saving the user a considerable amount of time.

As I advised previously, make sure that you set the appropriate button to Leave messages on Server, in order to save your messages on your campus account, for later threading and organization if you wish. Of course, on a home machine, you have numerous choices. I myself, though I may check mail with Netscape, prefer to save my mail with Eudora, in order to use its superior mailbox system, and one more time, on a public machine delete your changes.

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