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Fulltext Articles

Log of our late MUD. This bears a very close look, in that in retrospect it is very revealing of how human even this machine interface can be. I myself found it to be a bonding experience, although the post MUD visit to an RL (Real Life) type bar, (perhaps contaminating the streams of the ether) helped me come to that conclusion.

I am compiling a few plaintext versions of print articles, some that appear in the course reader, that I hope will complement Selena's course page. I was able to pick them up from my out of state library source. This effort is of course not intended to take away from the Copy Shop, and is for class use only; but since students are by definition poor, and few of us spend our time going through the magazines in dentist's offices, :) I hope these will be of use. I'll try to keep this list updated as well as time allows, and as organized as I can - also by week. I will also be adding other items of interest from time to time, besides plaintext, and if anyone wants to add to this folder, see below.

My final Paper. (still under construction)


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