Too far

All our friends say
"You better not encourage him, dear
(Though he's only learning your steps)
He always goes too far"

Usually so shy, I'm paralyzed to the world 
Probably not such a bad thing,
Since embarrassment chokes my tongue,
And keeps my feet from my mouth;
Otherwise, the feelings, real or not (who ever knows)
Flood like the dam of civilization just 
sprang a monstrous leak.

But your simple smile, your simple acts
Of kindness, let me think again I could 
Be real, and have a life, and then -

I wonder how much deluded 
I really am, and how much of your
Is "only" kindness;
And how much my pen belies my tongue

And how much of any of this
Is just a single broken Chromosome
Crying for completeness;
Offering my life, 
That I never would deny to you,
Were you only to ask?

 And all our friends say
"He always goes too far, my dear"

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