Thank you!

This page is dedicated to the living - the fine people of this community, too numerous to mention them all, who gave so much, especially in my father's latter years.

The first note of thanks goes to the staff of St. John's Living Center, who cared for Paul since 1991. Thanks also go to Our Lady of the Mountains Catholic Church, and Father Carl Beavers, for giving him a highly respectful service, and a very nice Lenten Mass. Despite the fact that Paul was not an overtly religious man, he was strongly spiritual, and according to all present, was much relieved by the last rites given him by Father Beavers. A special thanks also goes to the Jackson Council of Catholic Women, who I'm sure over the years, are the glue that holds the entire church together.

Thanks go out as well to Paul's many friends, worldwide, who, I'm sure, gave him as much joy over the years as all my friends have - and continue to give me. The eart of this world is in the love we share.

I would like also to thank all the people who will sign and have already signed his guestbook. This means a huge amount to the family. Another special note of thanks goes to my employer, Command-o Software , and all our clients, who have very patiently allowed me the personal time an event such as this requires.

Last but hardly least, thanks go to my friends, all who make this life a particular joy. Please rest assured, that if your name is not on this page, you are include in this fairly substantial grouping!

- Michael Hanson, and the family of John Paul Hanson, 04.17.00