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The new Camp of the Joyce Grep!

A few years ago, Bob Williams, of the FWAKE_L electronic mailing list, and his son Jon offered to the Joyce community a concordance to Finnegans Wake and Ulysses, but, as time had passed, the location faded...

As a service to the scholars and dedicated readers of the Works of James Joyce, this site would like to offer this concordance once again, as well as at a later date, a few links to some resources on the Artist, sometimes known as Shem...:)

Many others have more complete sites, and I will begin to list them as the days go by.

At this time, however, the main offering I have is the revived and now updated ( thanks to the continued support of author Jon Williams) Joyce Search - Omnicordia. Now functional! - 7/17/98 - Now including the texts of Dubliners, and Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (The texts of FW and Ulysses are still those holding the corrected page numbers - Dubliners and Portrait are derived form the uncopyrighted versions at Bibliomania).

In the interest of this script's continued preservation, I am also offering a zipped copy of the the original concordance, Warning! This download is over 1.2 MB, because it contains the conatenated texts of both volumes, Ulysses as well as Finnegans Wake! (be sure to chmod the directory you place the files 777, since the script must write a list of the most commonly requested keywords. NEW!Updated and Fixed 2005!

More texts!

This omnicordia is quite extensible, and as it is still in its infancy, we are currently seeking more texts.
Please send suggesytions with URLs, or requests for upload information to the email address at the bottom of this page. NEW! Please drop by, and add to Our MiddenHeap!

Much Gratitude as well to Donald Theall, for maintaining these texts at his site at ftp.trentu.ca.

I would also like to offer my thanks to Professor Bill Cadbury, Professor Emeritus of the University of Oregon, for his tutelege, as well as his contributions in the realm of Joycean textual genetics (Please see his website at http://oregon.uoregon.edu/~bcadbury/ for some of the fruits of this lifetime of work); the Right Riverend Stirling along with other members of FWAKE_L, for bringing this technical matter to my attention; and all the powers of linguistic synchronoicity for allowing me to save this script.

Found by a friend in Canada

Other Joycean links:

Bob Williams' Outline (courtesy of Michael Brewster

A James Joyce Birthday Present

On a cybernetically enhanced, socio-linguistic, political/historical note, The Robot Wisdom pages Home of the new, conservative-left Responsible Party contains much of the background work of Joyce, Macluhan, and Chomsky, in the creation of a map of our new reality.
A must!! Check out the Performance Art of Ana Voogt's AnaCam from there as well.

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